Melbourne is not as boring as my dad said

I remember when I was a kid, I told my primary school teacher that I wanted to go to Melbourne. That same day, I went home and told my dad about it, he said “Haha, it’s such a boring place, go to Mexico or somewhere instead!” I didn’t take his advice and in 2016, I just hopped on a plane and started the one-week trip to Melby.

As soon as my friend and I arrived, we looked for some brochures and leaflets. As we needed to wait for our 2 other friends coming from Auckland, we headed to a cafe and grabbed some coffee. Then we started looking through all the information we had on hand.

Sons of Mary – 14 Spink St, Brighton VIC 3186, Australia

Once we got to our Airbnb rented apartment, we threw everything in the house and went to this cafe, Sons of Mary, the apartment owner suggested us to go to start off our trip. That coffee on the side was mine. It surely was better than the one I had at the airport. Probably it was because of the two marshmallows on the saucer beside the coffee. It’s funny how they serve it. Maybe it’s how they do it. 😉

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Hoiser Lane

That same day, we went to the famous Hoiser Lane with graffiti everywhere. In Hong Kong, you will see some graffiti somewhere, but of course not as much as you see in the photo. Actually, graffiti is not allowed in Hong Kong and you never see a street or an area with full of graffiti. Graffiti is a street art that can be a way of expression for some artists. I was instantly amazed by the among of graffiti I saw once I got off the car. 

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The next few days weren’t really special, we just walked around the streets, a few beaches and went to some malls and parks, but this outdoor cafe near Brighton Beach stood out. This meal was sooooo good, especially the deep-fried squid. I tried their hot chocolate, it was really rich, and of course they had 2 marshmallows on top of the lid again haha.

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This day was the only day that I had to wake up so early because my friends and I joined this day tour to visit the Great Ocean Road. We got to see some beautiful sceneries that you will never get to see in our busy city of Hong Kong.  


We had a chance to take the helicopter and saw the spectacular view of 12 Apostles all at once. Seeing all those waves, rocks and roads up in the sky is something that I will never forget and one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had in my life. It’s really rare to see nature views like that in Hong Kong. If you take a helicopter in Hong Kong, I’m pretty sure all you can see is buildings, building, and more buildings.

IMG_2759   Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Lastly, one of the most memorable places I visited in Melbourne was Healesville Sanctuary Zoo. When we were planning the trip, I said I was definitely going to hug some cute koalas. Sadly, when we got there, the koala session was closed. Luckily, the feeding kangaroos session was still open, and of course we joined it without a doubt. That was the very first time I saw kangaroos in real life and was that close with them. I got to feed and pet them. I made a couple of new friends there as well! 

Wonder where am I going to go next. Somewhere near or somewhere far. Stay tuned to find out next 🙂


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